Course Project

Due December 12, 2006

You have two options for your project -- (1) construct a portfolio that shows changes you've made as a result of participating in TPC2 or (2) produce a unit that applies what you have learned in Functions 2.

Option 1 -- Changes you've made in your curriculum and your teaching

You will make a portfolio of work in three topics for which you have changed your teaching. Each example must contain

Portfolio structure

Begin each topic with Level 1 Header (Style "Heading 1" in Word) that contains your name and the topic name. Use the bullet points listed above as Level 2 section headers (Style "Heading 2" in Word). Each page in the document should have your name and the page number in its header.

Insert copies of work that you do not have electronically into your portfolio document. Scan it to a jpg or take a digital photo if necessary, then insert it as a graphic. Please try to keep these files small by using appropriate settings on your scanner or your camera.


A zipped archive containing all your portfolio documents. This can be a single document containing each topic in a separate section or it can be a collection of files named in sequence (so that they sort by name in the proper order). Either way, make sure that all documents have an appropriate header and footer. Submit your zipped portfolio to your personal page at the Functions 2 Course Forum.


(not done)

Option 2 -- Advanced content

You will


Submit your project electronically in one or more documents:

  1. Description of topic and why you chose it.
  2. Your report
  3. Appendices
    1. Interview forms
    2. Pre/Post interview results
    3. Pre/Post test results
    4. Unit logic
    5. Lesson logics
    6. Activities and worksheets

Project Evaluation

Topic and rationale ............
20 points
  • What students learned and how you know it
60 points
  • What you learned about student learning
30 points
  • What you learned about designing conceptually-oriented instruction
30 points
  • Strategies for sharing
30 points
Appendices ............
140 points